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Ok, here goes...my first actual vlog...short as it is...
Music: Magnetic Fields.


Blogger alexander said...

Hey melissa like your style of work keep it up.


5:29 PM
Blogger Josh Leo said...

This looks cool!...are all the rest of your vlogs going to be this big size as well? or is this just an effect?

8:33 PM
Blogger -m-e-l-i-s-s-a- said...

hey thanks...
well, yes and no, I thought thick black space lent it some intimacy...and touched more of a human scale than with a small mat or none at all. So, i then chose to make the overall size pretty large so the moving bits were visible..but??? what do you think?

8:51 PM
Blogger duncan said...

no... perfect length, (although i did watch it twice) , i'm not so sure about the black lending intimacy. in some ways it felt a little more distant, but maybe that's just because i like the mini polaroid feel of quicktime windows anyway.

1:24 AM
Anonymous Max said...

Hi Melissa, great first vlog, i want to see more. I like the 720 x 480 size, it gives a nice sence of proportion and focus to the movement.

6:56 AM
Blogger Ed S. said...

I liked the matting, but it surprised me to see it so big. Do whatever feels right for the particular entry, though. I make my vlog entries dimensionally smaller for bandwidth purposes.

The abstract nature of this entry stands out against most of the vlogs I see, and that's nice. Looking forward to periodic updates.

2:48 PM

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